After a beating last week in the league it was difficult to know how the boys were going to respond to this weeks county cup game, and it was a repsonse I was looking for. I was tough on the lads before the game and told them what I thought of lastw eeks performance. It seemed to click with them as this week in the county cup they responded brilliantly with a first half display that destroyed the opposition.We went in 3-0 up and had played some of the best football so far this season. The second half was a little muted…as the boys tended to overplay the ball…but with a thunderbolt of a goal from Steven Reingold to make it 4-0…there was no looking back from the result.Well done lads..into the next round…but it getas tougher from here in..man of the match is a difficult one….with so many good performances….think it will have to go to….Ali..he worked his socks off and scored a very good goal…well done..