Today the Arrows played Panathinaikos at home. In principal this should have been a tough match; we had no subs, and no goalkeeper but we were excited to introduce our new signing, Oli Bloom. It was quite the contrary …

The first half started and the team passed the ball around skilfully with George Wainwright dominating the midfield, resulting in Jack Skinner (4) delivering goals from a well-rehearsed free kick and a belter into the top left corner of the net which flew past the keeper. Oli Bloom (2) in his debut for the club netted his first goal, followed within minutes by Elliot Scott whose skilful footwork gave us a 5-0 lead into half-time.

In the second half, Panathinaikos upped the tempo and searched desperately for a goal but our defenders, Dylan Berger and Yash Patel stood their ground and made some timely challenges which helped our stand-in goalkeeper, Tom Howarth, maintain a clean sheet. Further goals from Jack Skinner and Oli Bloom resulted in a 7-0 win for the Arrows.

Man of the match this week goes to Elliot Scott for his passing and skilful footwork.