The Aldenham Arrows played away to Harvesters North, a grudge match no doubt for them as we’ve beaten the club twice before.
We started with an attacking 2-2-2 formation, and within minutes Louis Rosenberg was awarded a penalty for late challenge just inside the box. With the pressure piled on Louis to provide the team with a safety cushion, he knocked it wide.
The first half saw the midfielders Louis Rosenberg, George Wainright, and Yash Patel work the ball well in midfield but we failed to create the chances we so well deserved.
The second half started and within minutes Yash Patel made a skilful through ball to Jack Skinner (1) who controlled it down from knee height, then struck it into deep into the middle of the net.
Both teams upped the tempo, our opponents conceded numerous fouls against our midfield purely out of sheer frustration for their lack of possession, but we continued to pass the ball well. Our second goal came within 10 minutes and was scored from a well-timed Elliot Scott cross, which landed at Louis Rosenberg’s (1) feet who then smashed it into the back of the net. With the help of our strong defence, our stand-in goalkeepers (Elliot Scott and Oli Bloom) kept a clean sheet, and at the final whistle, the Arrows won 2-0 !
All boys played really well, but man of the match is awarded to Louis Rosenberg for his strength in midfield despite numerous fouls against him and the delivery of a superb second half goal.