Panthers – Sunday 15 November 2016 – League Game – Home -v- Hadley Wood Herons

The key word is teamwork.   You can see why Hadley Wood Herons are a good team and why they are unbeaten so far this season.  They have no star players but play as a team. It was very noticeable how they moved together, defended and attacked together and supported each other…all great teamwork.


We held them well for half an hour.   The first goal we gave away, the second the referee gave them with his very poor management of the free kick.  Still we looked more than capable of coming back into the game.  The third goal killed us – we were caught flat footed just after half time.  The next two followed because our heads dropped.  In the last 10 minutes we finally showed what we can do but unfortunately we left it too late.


At least Farzan added to his tally but still one player is not enough to make a team.


Oli was our man of the match for skilful and tenacious football.


Result – Home Loss: 1-5