Panthers – Sunday 18 October 2016 – Home -v- Maccabi Lions White Challenge Cup – Round 2

Challenge Cup Round 2


13 seems to be the magic number…whenever we play a white division team.


We kept our heads held high but we do need to learn from the footballing lesson we have been handed out today.


We were caught cold in the first 10 minutes and let in some poor goals which against teams like the lions we cannot afford to do.


Several of you looked to me to be a bit on the sluggish side. Not only is more fitness work required on your part but we need to keep working on our mental strength.


On goal kicks they always came out with the ball … Some  heading practice for our midfielders is definitely required.   We also have to learn how to play the ball out from the back rather than having to always kick it out as far as we can.


They do play 3 divisions higher than we do but I can’t help feeling that we could have done better.


Saul was our man of the match with some incredible saves.  Josh L a great game as well (I know you had your cousin on the other team – I’m hoping he won’t give you too hard a time).


Nice to have you back Jack.


Result – Home Loss: 1-13