Panthers – Sunday 19 December 2016 – Friendly Game – Away -v- Northwood FC

I think we played a different form of football today called ‘mud-ball’.


At the end of the game a lot of you were covered head to foot in mud … What a sight for sore eyes.


It wasn’t pretty and at times a bit too rough but we have to be thankful that we played a friendly game at all this weekend. It’s games like these that help us learn that not only do we have to win the footballing battle but we also have to win the physical one.   We have definitely toughened up mentally and physically this season. We keep showing so much more resilience as well as a willingness to fight when it’s needed.


We have to say a big thank you to Marley, Mike and Charlie for coming along and playing with us so we could put out a team today.


We also found out that Adam can score when he wants to. A great first goal and a brilliant second one. I want to see more of that please.


2-1 up at half time losing 4-2 is pretty respectable given that their manager admitted he should have awarded us a penalty and we hit the post. With a better pitch and a proper referee we would have beaten Northwood which is no mean feat given that they are second on the green division.


Looking forward training starts again on Tuesday the 5th of January and our next game is against St Albans who stole a result from us due to the decisions of their ‘home town’ referee. This is where we get our revenge.


Make sure you stay in shape and do a bit of training even if it’s only running and watch what you eat please…less mince pies and Christmas pudding and more healthy snacks please. I don’t want you all rolling onto the training pitch in January.


Let’s come roaring back and go for that promotion push which I know we are more than capable of.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Result – Away Loss: 2-4