Panthers – Sunday 20 September 2016 – Home Game -v- Oakhill Tigers

With all that drama yesterday not really sure where to start the match report.


First a thought for Jacob.  We all wish him well and hope he has a speedy recovery.  Also on the subject of the walking wounded since you all keep asking me about Jack I can report he is starting a course of physio and we shall have to see how well he responds to it.  I’ll keep you all informed of progress for both Jacob and Jack as and when I have more news.


So our first win of the season !!!


2-0 up – a Farzan goal then one from Samuel –  that will teach Oakhill Tigers to set up 3-3-4 against us !


By all rights we should have scored at least another 3 but didn’t.


Then Jacob gets injured and we lose all our momentum and get a bit rattled.  We give away 3 goals … Not forgetting Saul saved a penalty and got a yellow card for time wasting (the tigers manager asked the referee not to put it through which was a nice touch).


Then just as I thought we were going to lose the match Farzan bursts through to score his second goal and we go on to penalties.


Lots of drama – Saul having already got his eye in saved three more and yes a WIN.  Hopefully that cheered Jacob up as we waited for his ambulance which arrived just as the game ended.


We showed a lot of character by coming back to win this game…now we have to get into a winning habit.  So onto next week and the home derby against the Tigers.  A must win game – no complacency allowed – there is plenty of room for improvement on this week’s performance.


Result – Home Win: 3-3 & then 3-2 on Penalties