Panthers – Sunday 22 of November 2016 – League Game – Away -v- St Albans Rangers FC

‘We Was Robbed’.


One of the parents from St Albans apologised for the last goal having been given and agreed it was off side.  What can one say to that ?


Great start 2-0 ahead and Farzan scoring freely again.


Then we gave ourselves a challenge and let 3 goals get past us.  At least 2 were completely avoidable – their taller players simply out-jumped us.  Yes we did miss Samuel’s height in defence which would have helped but still I wasn’t happy and though we should have done a lot better.


Then we level and they then score again and it’s 4-3.  We levelled it at 4-4 after half time.  We did so playing some great football keeping the ball on the floor and it was good to watch our passing game on a pitch which favoured strength over skill.


Lots of positives.  Our focus in warming up was better.  I do feel we still spend too much time chatting rather than getting focused on the game.    Perhaps a social event is in order  ? Bowling perhaps?  That way you can chat to your heart’s content, get it out of your system and not do so when warming up for matches.


The 4-5-1 formation worked well.


Jack and Josh S. were very effective on the wings and Farzan had the space in which to show off his skills and all 4 of our goals were really well worked and executed and the result of good football.


Also we did well with subs. Seems we are used to having subs come on and off and it doesn’t now disrupt our flow in the game and players are slotting in immediately.


Still what a fussy referee … He did his best to spoil the game and really did either of the two boys deserve yellow cards ?  Perhaps he would have done better to have got the key decision on the game right !


Lots of you had a good strong game but my man of the match goes to … well I was going to go for Farzan but he did only bag 4 goals and he’s had the award more often than any other player this season.


So I thought I would go for Pranash this week who I feel hasn’t been getting the praise he deserves.   When he’s not there we definitely suffer because of it.  I asked him to play in two different positions one of which he has never played in previously and he showed a cool head and plenty of skill  playing in both positions and had a good all round match.


Also a mention for Maran who had a good debut (his first competitive game for us) and showed good strength and speed.  Once he’s played a few games his sense of positioning will also improve.


Result – Away Loss: 4-5