Panthers – Sunday 24 January 2016 – League Game – Home -v- Panathinaikos White

Having reflected on today’s game I’m not sure what to make of our performance.


Not a bad point and we got to play football so we need to be pleased with that.


The pitch was very heavy and in parts a really muddy mess.  It really showed we hadn’t played competitively for 7 weeks.


Their team and the referee being late seemed to totally throw us out of our stride and we really were not focused in the first half.  We were second to the ball and seemed to wait for it to come to us which in these heavy conditions was never going to happen.


Yes we hit the crossbar a couple of times but still we gave away a couple of soft goals which they had no right to score.


In the second half at 4-2 we looked like we were going to win but again we let our concentration lapse and we let them back in and they got back to 4-4.  In the end a draw was a fair result.


Unfortunately our midfield seemed to have too many players not working to get back.  Putting Adam into the CMD position helped but still there were periods of the match when we really looked sluggish and just didn’t seem to want to work for a result.


On corners when we organised ourselves well we looked dangerous but too often I couldn’t tell what our plan was. We need to work on that.


Jo Jo put in the man of the match performance with some excellent passing and again we saw 3 good goals from Farzan in spite of the heavy man marking he had to endure. That should keep him top of the goal scoring leaderboard.


Result – Draw: 4-4