Panthers – Sunday 27 September 2016 – League Game Home -v- Aldenham Tigers – ‘El Classico’

So you thought the Tigers would be a push over ?


Whilst you were busy doing tricks the Tigers kept it simple and scored a goal.   1-0 down and a rude awakening !   Had it not been for a disallowed goal it could have been 2-0.   Laurence and I were not happy !


Thanks to Farzan’s goals you managed to pull it around by half time to get to 2-1.  Then you surged to 5-1 in the second half which is what Laurence and I had hoped would have happened right from the start.   There is still a lot of room for improvement.


Farzan has proved he’s a proper sharpshooter with 8 goals so far this season (4 league, 4 cup).  Jack and Jacob just think of what we can do with you both of you back and scoring as well…


Josh S your first goal this season from open play, I’m hoping to see more goals from you as well as from others in the team.   Unlucky Pranash to have a goal disallowed.


Result – Away Win: 5-1