Panthers – Sunday 4 October 2016 – League Game – Away -v- Panathinaikos White

Well I’m still on a high !


Brilliant just brilliant.  The best football I’ve ever seen us play.  Obviously Arsenal took inspiration from our result !


Confident slick passing a joy to watch.


8-2 WOW – I said I wanted us to make a statement to the yellow division and we have.


Everyone played their part.


6 goals from Farzan (Aguero only got 5!) – another lesson in cool finishing.


1 from Josh S and 1 from Alex – well deserved for both of them.


Adam really stuck to his task and marked their key player out of the game; crucial because without that they had no other threat to offer as a team.


Jo Jo and Oli played like a pair of expert orchestra conductors passing pin point balls to their teammates.


Great running from Jenson and Duran to get numbers forward for the team.


Mihir a brilliant clearance off the line. Prakash and Josh L great tackling throughout and lots of good skilful football as well.


A rock solid heart to our defence from Sai and Samuel and as ever great goalkeeping from Saul.


So far we have conceded only 3 goals which the fewest in the league only matched by Hadley Wood Herons.


And YES we are TOP of the league.


Result – Away Win: 8-2