Panthers – Sunday 6 December 2016 – League Game – Away -v- Berkhamsted Raiders Blue

Great to be back to winning ways against a Berkhampsted Raiders team who had only lost one game previously to the unbeaten league leaders Hadley Wood Herons.


A focused warm up really helped get us in the right frame of mind.


A first half of passing football in spite of the poor state of their pitch.  Then a fighting second half with the wind and slope against us.


Two goals from Farzan should help maintain his status as the league’s leading goal scorer.   We should have scored a couple more, one at a corner where they had a bit of luck on a header and another from one of the many shots on goal we had.  Then a silly slip up and back to 2-1 at half time.  Just too close for comfort.


In the second half the advantage of the wind and slope gave them heart and they had us pinned back and we rode our luck.  Saul made two magnificent saves.  Laurence and I were sure we were going to concede again. Then a fantastic intervention from Sai prevented a certain goal.


Then having dug really deep for half an hour and survived the onslaught we started to play football again and we were not just battling to survive.  A great ball forward followed and a fabulous strike from Jack and it was 3-1 to bag the win.


Lots of great performances all over the pitch but the best aspect for me was the spirit we showed.  In the past we would have wilted under the pressure.  In this game we showed a strength of purpose which we need to carry into all our future games.


My man of the match was Jo Jo for showing strength, skill and lots and lots of running both going forward as well as coming back to help the defence.  Well done and now you have set a high standard for yourself you have keep it up.


Result – Away Win: 3-1