It was truly a game of two halves today; United played a strong first half and we had Harvesters second guessing as we held our own, until we were unlucky to go 1-0 down.

Dillan had a strong half, running tirelessly and causing some disturbance with their defensive line. Our game plan was to attack them from the start, but Harvester’s ability to break fast forced us to be in defensive positions more often than we would like. Upon reflection, although our defence was very strong and was mostly in control, both teams had limited clear cut chances …

The second half saw us make a few switches to up our tempo and go after the game, but Harvester responded by piling on more pressure and we started to show some tiredness as we chased the game, particularly near the end. Their goals came as a result of us not clearing quickly enough at the back, and we were a little clumsy in terms of not closing out and disrupting our opponents when it counted.

While we had a few chances, decent saves from their keeper, and an over enthusiastic use of the whistle, stopped us from registering possibly 1 if not 2 goals.

The final result of 5-0 to Harvesters was certainly unduly harsh for the boys, but nevertheless it is indicative that we need to be more competitive, combative and clinical for our next game against Harvesters South, especially in situations where we are trying to compete for headers.

Let’s not forget that Harvesters North played their last league game today and will likely finish second in the Red Division whilst also being in 2 Cup Finals …League & Challenge Cup’s! A better start to the season for them might have seen them beating Pinner to the title, therefore by all accounts, a formidable team to face today and at the level of competitiveness that we must expect to meet when we start the new season.

Today, we played well as a team, especially in the first half and there were some notable performers on the pitch; Dillan voted Jake to get the Captains armband for Thursday’s game and the Management noted that our defence was very good in the first half but overall performance goes to Barsa voted as Man of The Match for his complete commitment, combative attitude and many timely interceptions throughout the game.