This Sunday saw us travelling to Croxley Youth in the red division.

Croxley were coming in off the back of a big win over Whetstone Pumas and a solid draw against Alexandra Park.

To say the first half was one-sided would be something of an understatement.

Croxley scored i n the first few minutes and then carved out something like seven or eight one-on-one opportunities against our keeper, as well as earning a somewhat dubious penalty, which should have finished the game well before half-time but for a quite superb display from Matt, who somehow managed to thwart them at every turn.

The half was somewhat reminiscent of our recent loss to Harvesters North as whilst our boys all busied themselves, there was a significant margin in the teams applications and in particular the intensity with which Croxley went in search of the ball and the ferocity of their tackling.

While one or two of their tackles were slightly dubious, the vast majority were simply a lesson in how to commit 100% to winning the ball and we simply did not, or could not, compete in that department in any way, shape or form.

Going in just 1 – 0 down at half-time at least kept the game alive for us and a quite superb goal from James at the start of the second half gave our boys some belief that we could get something from the game.

That seemed to be somewhat short-lived as Croxley’s second and third goals followed in fairly quick succession and whilst we were making much more of a game of it, they still managed to carve out numerous opportunities and, what with our inability to keep the ball, their midfield and attack piled more and more pressure on our defence at every opportunity.

Croxley’s fourth and fifth goals followed later in the half and whilst credit must be given to our boys for not throwing the towel in altogether, I don’t think we could have any argument about the final scoreline of 5 – 1 to Croxley.

Man of the match this week was, without a doubt, Matt for a quite superb display in goal. His display prompted the Croxley manager to say after the game that it was probably the best goal-keeping performance he’d seen in two or three seasons. Well done Matt !